Original Coin Database (often imitated) is the Original coin database. Launched more than 12 years ago, cointrackers has provided reliable coin pricing and details in an easy to use interface since its inception. Many sellers of bullion and numismatic services have copied not only our interface, but our near exact wording in an effort to sell you their products.

Our model early on was simple. Provide easy to digest content with minimal ads and no membership fees. Fast forward 12 years and we're now having to compete with large corporations, many who've done little more than copy our content.

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Share our content on your social media posts. When searching for coin data plug our name in as well. If searching for a 2000 dime, try searching for cointrackers 2000 dime instead. These little steps will help us continue to survive.

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If you're a member of a news outlet please write a story on our content. If you own a website please consider writing an article about us or reference our coins pages when creating content. If you publish videos on YouTube or other video platforms please mention us in the either the video itself or video details. Back in 2010

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