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Washington Quarter

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The 50 US State Quarters of the United States has been called the "most successful coin program in the Nation's history". due to it's immense popularity with the people. In 2009 it was extended to the unincorporated territories of the United States like Puerto Rico, Guam,American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands, District of Columbia, and the Northern Mariana Islands. All together 56 different coins were minted, and issued from different mints.

The front of this coin was a redesign of the original Washington Quarter and incorporated thinner / sharper lines. On the reverse top is the States name and the date in Which the country joined the Union. The reverse bottom contains the year the coin was minted. The middle reverse coin is set aside for an image "collage" that helps properly represent the state with pictures of monuments, plants, animals, landmarks, and other such distinguishable images.

50 State Quarters Values

Image Year Mint Type
Connecticut State Quarter1999DConnecticut State Quarter
Connecticut State Quarter1999PConnecticut State Quarter
Connecticut State Quarter1999SConnecticut State Quarter
Connecticut State Quarter1999SSilver Proof Connecticut Quarter
Delaware State Quarter1999DDelaware State Quarter
Delaware State Quarter1999PDelaware State Quarter
Delaware State Quarter1999SDelaware State Quarter
Delaware State Quarter1999SSilver Proof Delaware Quarter
Georgia State Quarter1999DGeorgia State Quarter
Georgia State Quarter1999PGeorgia State Quarter
Image Year Mint Type

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Image Year Mint Type
Georgia State Quarter1999SGeorgia State Quarter
Silver Proof Georgia Quarter1999SSilver Proof Georgia Quarter
New Jersey State Quarter1999DNew Jersey State Quarter
New Jersey State Quarter1999PNew Jersey State Quarter
New Jersey State Quarter1999SNew Jersey State Quarter
Silver Proof New Jersey Quarter1999SSilver Proof New Jersey Quarter
Pennsylvania State Quarter1999DPennsylvania State Quarter
Pennsylvania State Quarter1999PPennsylvania State Quarter
 Silver Proof Pennsylvania Quarter1999S Silver Proof Pennsylvania Quarter
Pennsylvania State Quarter1999SPennsylvania State Quarter
Image Year Mint Type

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Image Year Mint Type
Maryland State Quarter2000DMaryland State Quarter
Maryland State Quarter2000PMaryland State Quarter
Maryland State Quarter2000SMaryland State Quarter
Silver Proof Maryland Quarter2000SSilver Proof Maryland Quarter
Massachusetts State Quarter2000DMassachusetts State Quarter
Massachusetts State Quarter2000PMassachusetts State Quarter
Massachusetts State Quarter2000SMassachusetts State Quarter
Silver Proof Massachusetts Quarter2000SSilver Proof Massachusetts Quarter
New Hampshire State Quarter2000DNew Hampshire State Quarter
New Hampshire State Quarter2000PNew Hampshire State Quarter
New Hampshire State Quarter2000SNew Hampshire State Quarter
Silver Proof New Hampshire Quarter2000SSilver Proof New Hampshire Quarter
South Carolina State Quarter2000DSouth Carolina State Quarter
South Carolina State Quarter2000PSouth Carolina State Quarter
South Carolina State Quarter2000SSouth Carolina State Quarter
Silver Proof South Carolina Quarter2000SSilver Proof South Carolina Quarter
Virginia State Quarter2000DVirginia State Quarter
Virginia State Quarter2000PVirginia State Quarter
Virginia State Quarter2000SVirginia State Quarter
Silver Proof Virginia Quarter2000SSilver Proof Virginia Quarter
Kentucky State Quarter2001DKentucky State Quarter
Kentucky State Quarter2001PKentucky State Quarter
Kentucky State Quarter2001SKentucky State Quarter
Silver Proof Kentucky Quarter2001SSilver Proof Kentucky Quarter
New York State Quarter2001DNew York State Quarter
New York State Quarter2001PNew York State Quarter
New York State Quarter2001SNew York State Quarter
Silver Proof New York Quarter2001SSilver Proof New York Quarter
North Carolina State Quarter2001DNorth Carolina State Quarter
North Carolina State Quarter2001PNorth Carolina State Quarter
North Carolina State Quarter2001SNorth Carolina State Quarter
Silver Proof North Carolina Quarter2001SSilver Proof North Carolina Quarter
Rhode Island State Quarter2001DRhode Island State Quarter
2001 P Rhode Island Quarter2001P2001 P Rhode Island Quarter
2001 P Rhode Island Quarter2001P2001 P Rhode Island Quarter
2001 Proof Rhode Island Quarter2001S2001 Proof Rhode Island Quarter
2001 Silver Proof Rhode Island2001S2001 Silver Proof Rhode Island
Vermont State Quarter2001DVermont State Quarter
Vermont State Quarter2001PVermont State Quarter
Vermont State Quarter2001SVermont State Quarter
Silver Proof Vermont Quarter2001SSilver Proof Vermont Quarter
Indiana State Quarter2002DIndiana State Quarter
Indiana State Quarter2002PIndiana State Quarter
Silver Proof Indiana Quarter2002SSilver Proof Indiana Quarter
Indiana State Quarter2002SIndiana State Quarter
Louisiana State Quarter2002DLouisiana State Quarter
Louisiana State Quarter2002PLouisiana State Quarter
Louisiana State Quarter2002SLouisiana State Quarter
Silver Proof Louisiana Quarter2002SSilver Proof Louisiana Quarter
Mississippi State Quarter2002DMississippi State Quarter
Mississippi State Quarter2002PMississippi State Quarter
Mississippi State Quarter2002SMississippi State Quarter
Silver Proof Mississippi Quarter2002SSilver Proof Mississippi Quarter
Ohio State Quarter2002DOhio State Quarter
Ohio State Quarter2002POhio State Quarter
Ohio State Quarter2002SOhio State Quarter
Silver Proof Ohio Quarter2002SSilver Proof Ohio Quarter
Tennessee State Quarter2002DTennessee State Quarter
Tennessee State Quarter2002PTennessee State Quarter
Tennessee State Quarter2002STennessee State Quarter
Silver Proof Tennessee Quarter2002SSilver Proof Tennessee Quarter
Alabama State Quarter2003DAlabama State Quarter
Alabama State Quarter2003PAlabama State Quarter
Alabama State Quarter2003SAlabama State Quarter
Silver Proof Alabama Quarter2003SSilver Proof Alabama Quarter
Arkansas State Quarter2003DArkansas State Quarter
Arkansas State Quarter2003PArkansas State Quarter
Arkansas State Quarter2003SArkansas State Quarter
Silver Proof Arkansas Quarter2003SSilver Proof Arkansas Quarter
Illinois State Quarter2003DIllinois State Quarter
Illinois State Quarter2003PIllinois State Quarter
Illinois State Quarter2003SIllinois State Quarter
Silver Proof Illinois Quarter2003SSilver Proof Illinois Quarter
Maine State Quarter2003DMaine State Quarter
Maine State Quarter2003PMaine State Quarter
Maine State Quarter2003SMaine State Quarter
Silver Proof Maine Quarter2003SSilver Proof Maine Quarter
Missouri State Quarter2003DMissouri State Quarter
Missouri State Quarter2003PMissouri State Quarter
Missouri State Quarter2003SMissouri State Quarter
Silver Proof Missouri Quarter2003SSilver Proof Missouri Quarter
Florida State Quarter2004DFlorida State Quarter
Florida State Quarter2004PFlorida State Quarter
Florida State Quarter2004SFlorida State Quarter
Silver Proof Florida Quarter2004SSilver Proof Florida Quarter
Iowa State Quarter2004DIowa State Quarter
Iowa State Quarter2004PIowa State Quarter
Iowa State Quarter2004SIowa State Quarter
Silver Proof Iowa Quarter2004SSilver Proof Iowa Quarter
Michigan State Quarter2004DMichigan State Quarter
Michigan State Quarter2004PMichigan State Quarter
Michigan State Quarter2004SMichigan State Quarter
Silver Proof Michigan Quarter2004SSilver Proof Michigan Quarter
Texas State Quarter2004DTexas State Quarter
Texas State Quarter2004PTexas State Quarter
Texas State Quarter2004STexas State Quarter
Silver Proof Texas Quarter2004SSilver Proof Texas Quarter
Wisconsin State Quarter2004DWisconsin State Quarter
Wisconsin State Quarter2004PWisconsin State Quarter
Wisconsin State Quarter2004SWisconsin State Quarter
Silver Proof Wisconsin Quarter2004SSilver Proof Wisconsin Quarter
California State Quarter2005DCalifornia State Quarter
California State Quarter2005PCalifornia State Quarter
California State Quarter2005SCalifornia State Quarter
Silver Proof California Quarter2005SSilver Proof California Quarter
2005 D Kansas State Quarter2005D2005 D Kansas State Quarter
2005 Kansas Quarter2005P2005 Kansas Quarter
2005 S Kansas Quarter2005S2005 S Kansas Quarter
2005 S Kansas Quarter (90% Silver Proof)2005S2005 S Kansas Quarter (90% Silver Proof)
Minnesota State Quarter2005DMinnesota State Quarter
Minnesota State Quarter2005PMinnesota State Quarter
Minnesota State Quarter2005SMinnesota State Quarter
Silver Proof Minnesota Quarter2005SSilver Proof Minnesota Quarter
Oregon State Quarter2005DOregon State Quarter
Oregon State Quarter2005POregon State Quarter
Oregon State Quarter2005SOregon State Quarter
Silver Proof Oregon Quarter2005SSilver Proof Oregon Quarter
West Virginia State Quarter2005DWest Virginia State Quarter
West Virginia State Quarter2005PWest Virginia State Quarter
West Virginia State Quarter2005SWest Virginia State Quarter
Silver Proof West Virginia Quarter2005SSilver Proof West Virginia Quarter
Colorado State Quarter2006DColorado State Quarter
Colorado State Quarter2006PColorado State Quarter
Colorado State Quarter2006SColorado State Quarter
Silver Proof Colorado Quarter2006SSilver Proof Colorado Quarter
Nebraska State Quarter2006DNebraska State Quarter
Nebraska State Quarter2006PNebraska State Quarter
Nebraska State Quarter2006SNebraska State Quarter
Silver Proof Nebraska Quarter2006SSilver Proof Nebraska Quarter
Nevada State Quarter2006DNevada State Quarter
Nevada State Quarter2006PNevada State Quarter
Nevada State Quarter2006SNevada State Quarter
Silver Proof Nevada Quarter2006SSilver Proof Nevada Quarter
North Dakota State Quarter2006DNorth Dakota State Quarter
North Dakota State Quarter2006PNorth Dakota State Quarter
North Dakota State Quarter2006SNorth Dakota State Quarter
Silver Proof North Dakota Quarter2006SSilver Proof North Dakota Quarter
South Dakota State Quarter2006DSouth Dakota State Quarter
South Dakota State Quarter2006PSouth Dakota State Quarter
South Dakota State Quarter2006SSouth Dakota State Quarter
Silver Proof South Dakota Quarter2006SSilver Proof South Dakota Quarter
Idaho State Quarter2007DIdaho State Quarter
Idaho State Quarter2007PIdaho State Quarter
Idaho State Quarter2007SIdaho State Quarter
Silver Proof Idaho Quarter2007SSilver Proof Idaho Quarter
Montana State Quarter2007DMontana State Quarter
Montana State Quarter2007PMontana State Quarter
Montana State Quarter2007SMontana State Quarter
Silver Proof Montana Quarter2007SSilver Proof Montana Quarter
Utah State Quarter2007DUtah State Quarter
Utah State Quarter2007PUtah State Quarter
Utah State Quarter2007SUtah State Quarter
Silver Proof Utah Quarter2007SSilver Proof Utah Quarter
Washington State Quarter2007DWashington State Quarter
Washington State Quarter2007PWashington State Quarter
Washington State Quarter2007SWashington State Quarter
Silver Proof Washington Quarter2007SSilver Proof Washington Quarter
Wyoming State Quarter2007DWyoming State Quarter
Wyoming State Quarter2007PWyoming State Quarter
Silver Proof Wyoming Quarter2007SSilver Proof Wyoming Quarter
Wyoming State Quarter2007SWyoming State Quarter
Alaska State Quarter2008DAlaska State Quarter
Alaska State Quarter2008PAlaska State Quarter
Silver Proof Alaska Quarter2008SSilver Proof Alaska Quarter
Alaska State Quarter2008SAlaska State Quarter
Arizona State Quarter2008DArizona State Quarter
Arizona State Quarter2008PArizona State Quarter
Silver Proof Arizona Quarter2008SSilver Proof Arizona Quarter
Arizona State Quarter2008SArizona State Quarter
Hawaii State Quarter2008DHawaii State Quarter
Hawaii State Quarter2008PHawaii State Quarter
Silver Proof Hawaii Quarter2008SSilver Proof Hawaii Quarter
Hawaii State Quarter2008SHawaii State Quarter
New Mexico State Quarter2008DNew Mexico State Quarter
New Mexico State Quarter2008PNew Mexico State Quarter
New Mexico State Quarter2008SNew Mexico State Quarter
Silver Proof New Mexico Quarter2008SSilver Proof New Mexico Quarter
Oklahoma State Quarter2008DOklahoma State Quarter
Oklahoma State Quarter2008POklahoma State Quarter
Silver Proof Oklahoma Quarter2008SSilver Proof Oklahoma Quarter
Oklahoma State Quarter2008SOklahoma State Quarter
Image Year Mint Type

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