What pennies are worth money?

Pocket Change Penny Guide
Pocket Change Penny Guide

Of all the cents currently in circulation these pennies are worth the most money. We have discounted proof coins, error coins, as well as any “special strikes”, to create a clean list of pennies you have a higher probability of finding from the current pool of circulating United States currency.

Coins are in order from Most to Least expensive.

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Image Coin Worth
Lincoln Penny1967 Lincoln Penny$55
Lincoln Penny1982 Lincoln Penny$55
Lincoln Penny2000 Lincoln Penny$50
Lincoln Penny2000 D Lincoln Penny$40
Lincoln Penny2000 S Lincoln Penny$35
Lincoln Penny1969 Lincoln Penny$31
Lincoln Penny1971 S Lincoln Penny$30
Lincoln Penny1975 D Lincoln Penny$30
Lincoln Penny1982 D Lincoln Penny$30
Lincoln Penny2002 D Lincoln Penny$30
Lincoln Penny2002 Lincoln Penny$27
Lincoln Penny1968 S Lincoln Penny$25
Lincoln Penny1975 Lincoln Penny$25
Lincoln Penny1976 S Lincoln Penny$25
Lincoln Penny2005 D Lincoln Penny$25
Shield Penny2012 D Shield Penny$25
Shield Penny2012 S Shield Penny$25
Shield Penny2013 D Shield Penny$25
Shield Penny2013 S Shield Penny$25
Shield Penny2014 S Shield Penny$25
Image Coin Worth

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Image Coin Worth
Lincoln Penny1978 D Lincoln Penny$23
Lincoln Penny1971 Lincoln Penny$22
Lincoln Penny1978 Lincoln Penny$22
Shield Penny2017 S Shield Penny$22
Shield Penny2010 D Shield Penny$21
Lincoln Penny1970 S Lincoln Penny$20
Lincoln Penny1971 D Lincoln Penny$20
Lincoln Penny1993 D Lincoln Penny$20
Lincoln Penny1995 Lincoln Penny$20
Lincoln Penny1995 D Lincoln Penny$20
Lincoln Penny1995 S Lincoln Penny$20
Shield Penny2012 Shield Penny$20
Shield Penny2013 Shield Penny$20
Shield Penny2015 S Shield Penny$20
Lincoln Penny1969 S Lincoln Penny$19
Lincoln Penny1970 Lincoln Penny$19
Lincoln Penny1970 D Lincoln Penny$19
Lincoln Penny1973 D Lincoln Penny$19
Lincoln Penny1969 D Lincoln Penny$18
Lincoln Penny1977 Lincoln Penny$18
Image Coin Worth

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Image Coin Worth
Lincoln Penny1977 D Lincoln Penny$18
Lincoln Penny2001 Lincoln Penny$18
Lincoln Penny2001 D Lincoln Penny$18
Lincoln Penny2001 S Lincoln Penny$18
Shield Penny2016 S Shield Penny$18
Lincoln Penny1968 D Lincoln Penny$16
Lincoln Penny1976 Lincoln Penny$16
Lincoln Penny2006 Lincoln Penny$16
Lincoln Penny2007 S Lincoln Penny$16
Lincoln Penny1968 Lincoln Penny$15
Lincoln Penny1973 Lincoln Penny$15
Lincoln Penny1973 S Lincoln Penny$15
Lincoln Penny1976 D Lincoln Penny$15
Lincoln Penny1977 S Lincoln Penny$15
Lincoln Penny1978 S Lincoln Penny$15
Lincoln Penny1992 Lincoln Penny$15
Lincoln Penny2005 Lincoln Penny$15
Shield Penny2010 Shield Penny$15
Shield Penny2011 Shield Penny$15
Shield Penny2011 D Shield Penny$15
Image Coin Worth

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Image Coin Worth
Shield Penny2011 S Shield Penny$15
Shield Penny2014 Shield Penny$15
Shield Penny2014 D Shield Penny$15
Shield Penny2018 S Shield Penny$15
Shield Penny2019 W Shield Penny$15
Shield Penny2020 S Shield Penny$15
Shield Penny2021 S Shield Penny$15
Shield Penny2022 S Shield Penny$15
Shield Penny2023 S Shield Penny$15
Lincoln Penny1980 Lincoln Penny$14
Shield Penny2019 S Shield Penny$14
Lincoln Penny1966 Lincoln Penny$12
Shield Penny2009 S Shield Penny$12
Shield Penny2009 S Shield Penny$12
Lincoln Penny1981 Lincoln Penny$11
Shield Penny2010 S Shield Penny$10
Lincoln Penny1974 Lincoln Penny$9
Lincoln Penny1974 D Lincoln Penny$9
Lincoln Penny1974 S Lincoln Penny$9
Lincoln Penny1980 D Lincoln Penny$9
Lincoln Penny1972 Lincoln Penny$8
Lincoln Penny1972 D Lincoln Penny$8
Lincoln Penny1972 S Lincoln Penny$8
Lincoln Penny1979 D Lincoln Penny$8
Lincoln Penny1981 D Lincoln Penny$8
Lincoln Penny2004 S Lincoln Penny$8
Shield Penny2015 Shield Penny$8
Shield Penny2015 D Shield Penny$8
Shield Penny2016 D Shield Penny$8
Shield Penny2016 Shield Penny$7
Lincoln Penny1979 Lincoln Penny$6
Lincoln Penny1985 S Lincoln Penny$6
Lincoln Penny1975 S Lincoln Penny$5
Lincoln Penny1983 Lincoln Penny$5
Lincoln Penny1985 D Lincoln Penny$5
Shield Penny2009 S Shield Penny$5
Shield Penny2009 S Shield Penny$5
Lincoln Penny1984 S Lincoln Penny$4
Lincoln Penny1979 S Lincoln Penny$4
Lincoln Penny1980 S Lincoln Penny$4
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