100 Most Valuable Coins In Circulation

2023's Pocket Change Price Guide

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Most Valuable Coins In Circulation

List only contains coins from 1965 to 2023

Which coins currently in circulation are worth the most? This pocket change price guide for the year 2023 details worthwhile coin finds that you likely have just sitting around the house. Check your seat cushions, change piles, and miscellaneous change from your cash purchases for these. This is an easy way to build a collection, and all it takes is time.

These are everyday, run-of-the-mill coins currently in circulation. These are coins you can find in your pocket change. It also rightly excludes Proof Coins, Special Issues, Commemoratives, and the like. The majority of these coins are Denver and Philadelphia issue coins, and all have been issued within the last 55 years.

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Image Coin Worth
Washington Quarter1983 P Washington Quarter$55
Lincoln Penny1982 Lincoln Penny$55
Kennedy Half Dollar1971 Kennedy Half Dollar$46
Roosevelt Dime1972 P Roosevelt Dime$36
Washington Quarter1969 Washington Quarter$35
Kennedy Half Dollar1987 D Kennedy Half Dollar$35
Roosevelt Dime1972 D Roosevelt Dime$35
Washington Quarter1982 P Washington Quarter$35
Washington Quarter1983 D Washington Quarter$35
Washington Quarter1966 Washington Quarter$33
Jefferson Nickel1980 P Jefferson Nickel$33
Washington Quarter1968 Washington Quarter$30
Kennedy Half Dollar1977 Kennedy Half Dollar$30
Kennedy Half Dollar1977 D Kennedy Half Dollar$30
Kennedy Half Dollar1987 P Kennedy Half Dollar$30
Lincoln Penny1975 D Lincoln Penny$30
Lincoln Penny1982 D Lincoln Penny$30
Lincoln Penny2002 D Lincoln Penny$30
Roosevelt Dime1970 Roosevelt Dime$29
Roosevelt Dime1973 P Roosevelt Dime$29
Image Coin Worth

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Image Coin Worth
Roosevelt Dime1973 D Roosevelt Dime$29
Roosevelt Dime1977 P Roosevelt Dime$29
Roosevelt Dime1977 D Roosevelt Dime$29
Roosevelt Dime1970 D Roosevelt Dime$28
Roosevelt Dime1974 P Roosevelt Dime$28
Roosevelt Dime1974 D Roosevelt Dime$28
Roosevelt Dime1975 P Roosevelt Dime$28
Roosevelt Dime1975 D Roosevelt Dime$28
Roosevelt Dime1976 P Roosevelt Dime$28
Roosevelt Dime1976 D Roosevelt Dime$28
Jefferson Nickel1975 D Jefferson Nickel$28
Jefferson Nickel2000 P Jefferson Nickel$28
Jefferson Nickel2000 D Jefferson Nickel$28
Lincoln Penny2002 Lincoln Penny$27
Jefferson Nickel1986 D Jefferson Nickel$26
Washington Quarter1967 Washington Quarter$25
Roosevelt Dime1982 P Roosevelt Dime$25
Washington Quarter1977 D Washington Quarter$25
Jefferson Nickel1975 P Jefferson Nickel$25
Jefferson Nickel1996 P Jefferson Nickel$25
Image Coin Worth

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Image Coin Worth
Jefferson Nickel1996 D Jefferson Nickel$25
Lincoln Penny2005 D Lincoln Penny$25
Kennedy Half Dollar1971 D Kennedy Half Dollar$23
Roosevelt Dime1978 P Roosevelt Dime$23
Roosevelt Dime1978 D Roosevelt Dime$23
Jefferson Nickel1981 D Jefferson Nickel$23
Roosevelt Dime1968 D Roosevelt Dime$22
Roosevelt Dime1968 Roosevelt Dime$22
Jefferson Nickel1969 D Jefferson Nickel$22
Jefferson Nickel1995 D Jefferson Nickel$22
Roosevelt Dime1971 P Roosevelt Dime$21
Washington Quarter1973 D Washington Quarter$21
Kennedy Half Dollar1985 D Kennedy Half Dollar$20
Kennedy Half Dollar1985 P Kennedy Half Dollar$20
Roosevelt Dime1971 D Roosevelt Dime$20
Washington Quarter1977 P Washington Quarter$20
Washington Quarter1982 D Washington Quarter$20
Jefferson Nickel1971 P Jefferson Nickel$20
Jefferson Nickel1971 D Jefferson Nickel$20
Jefferson Nickel1978 D Jefferson Nickel$20
Image Coin Worth

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Image Coin Worth
Jefferson Nickel1983 P Jefferson Nickel$20
Jefferson Nickel1994 P Jefferson Nickel$20
Lincoln Penny1993 D Lincoln Penny$20
Washington Quarter1973 P Washington Quarter$19
Washington Quarter1986 D Washington Quarter$19
Jefferson Nickel1968 D Jefferson Nickel$19
Jefferson Nickel2020 W Jefferson Nickel$19
Washington Quarter1969 D Washington Quarter$18
Washington Quarter1988 P Washington Quarter$18
Jefferson Nickel1966 Jefferson Nickel$18
Jefferson Nickel1967 Jefferson Nickel$18
Jefferson Nickel1970 D Jefferson Nickel$18
Jefferson Nickel1973 D Jefferson Nickel$18
Jefferson Nickel1974 D Jefferson Nickel$18
Jefferson Nickel1976 D Jefferson Nickel$18
Jefferson Nickel1981 P Jefferson Nickel$18
Jefferson Nickel1993 P Jefferson Nickel$18
Jefferson Nickel1994 P Jefferson Nickel$18
Jefferson Nickel1998 D Jefferson Nickel$18
Washington Quarter1985 P Washington Quarter$17
Washington Quarter1968 D Washington Quarter$16
Lincoln Penny1968 D Lincoln Penny$16
Lincoln Penny2006 Lincoln Penny$16
Kennedy Half Dollar1972 Kennedy Half Dollar$15
Washington Quarter1988 D Washington Quarter$15
Jefferson Nickel1972 D Jefferson Nickel$15
Jefferson Nickel1986 P Jefferson Nickel$15
Lincoln Penny1968 Lincoln Penny$15
Lincoln Penny1969 Lincoln Penny$15
Lincoln Penny1970 D Lincoln Penny$15
Lincoln Penny1992 Lincoln Penny$15
Lincoln Penny2005 Lincoln Penny$15
Lincoln Penny1980 Lincoln Penny$14
Washington Quarter1989 P Washington Quarter$13
Jefferson Nickel1984 D Jefferson Nickel$13
Jefferson Nickel1985 P Jefferson Nickel$13
Jefferson Nickel1985 D Jefferson Nickel$13
Jefferson Nickel1987 D Jefferson Nickel$13
Jefferson Nickel1988 D Jefferson Nickel$13
Jefferson Nickel1997 P Jefferson Nickel$13
Image Coin Worth

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