Are wheat pennies worth anything?

Not all wheat cents are worth keeping, and preserving. All coins in this list however are.

Of all the modern Lincoln cents the Wheat Penny stands out the most. Its reverse contains two ears of wheat, and the words One Cent, United States of America, and E Pluribus Unum.

Wheat Penny In Hand

They are usually dark brown in color, but occasionally red. Of all the colors the Red is the most valuable. Check out the copper penny color guide below.

Copper Penny Color Guide

Copper Penny Color Guide Red is the most valuable, followed closely by Red Brown.

Review the table below to find out which wheat cents are the most valauble. Most of these coins are worth at least one dollar, so if you find one in change be sure to set it aside for later.

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Image Coin Worth
Steel Wheat Penny1944 Steel Wheat Penny$408k
Copper Wheat Penny1943 Copper Wheat Penny$250k
Wheat Penny1924 S Wheat Penny$12k
Wheat Penny1922 D Wheat Penny$6k
Wheat Penny1914 D Wheat Penny$5.6k
VDB Wheat Penny1909 S VDB Wheat Penny$4,150
Wheat Penny1914 S Wheat Penny$3.2k
Wheat Penny1913 S Wheat Penny$2k
Wheat Penny1918 S Wheat Penny$2k
Wheat Penny1924 D Wheat Penny$2k
Wheat Penny1925 S Wheat Penny$1.8k
Wheat Penny1912 S Wheat Penny$1.5k
Wheat Penny1913 D Wheat Penny$1.5k
Wheat Penny1920 S Wheat Penny$1.5k
Wheat Penny1915 S Wheat Penny$1.2k
Wheat Penny1916 S Wheat Penny$1.2k
Wheat Penny1923 S Wheat Penny$1.2k
Wheat Penny1926 S Wheat Penny$1.2k
Wheat Penny1910 S Wheat Penny$1,050
Wheat Penny1912 D Wheat Penny$1k
Image Coin Worth

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Image Coin Worth
Wheat Penny1918 D Wheat Penny$1k
Wheat Penny1927 S Wheat Penny$1k
Wheat Penny1921 S Wheat Penny$950
Wheat Penny1916 D Wheat Penny$800
Wheat Penny1926 D Wheat Penny$800
Wheat Penny1927 D Wheat Penny$800
Wheat Penny1928 S Wheat Penny$800
Wheat Penny1931 S Wheat Penny$750
Wheat Penny1931 D Wheat Penny$725
Wheat Penny1917 S Wheat Penny$700
Wheat Penny1920 D Wheat Penny$700
Wheat Penny1929 D Wheat Penny$700
Wheat Penny1924 Wheat Penny$650
Wheat Penny1912 Wheat Penny$590
Wheat Penny1909 S Wheat Penny$550
Wheat Penny1918 Wheat Penny$550
Wheat Penny1913 Wheat Penny$500
Wheat Penny1925 D Wheat Penny$500
Wheat Penny1919 S Wheat Penny$475
Wheat Penny1911 S Wheat Penny$450
Image Coin Worth

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Image Coin Worth
Wheat Penny1923 Wheat Penny$450
Wheat Penny1917 Wheat Penny$425
Wheat Penny1917 D Wheat Penny$400
Wheat Penny1920 Wheat Penny$400
Wheat Penny1919 D Wheat Penny$350
Wheat Penny1921 Wheat Penny$350
Wheat Penny1911 D Wheat Penny$325
Wheat Penny1910 Wheat Penny$315
Wheat Penny1915 Wheat Penny$300
Wheat Penny1929 S Wheat Penny$300
Wheat Penny1916 Wheat Penny$285
Wheat Penny1931 Wheat Penny$240
Wheat Penny1929 Wheat Penny$200
Wheat Penny1933 D Wheat Penny$200
Wheat Penny1930 S Wheat Penny$185
Wheat Penny1914 Wheat Penny$180
Wheat Penny1928 D Wheat Penny$150
Wheat Penny1932 Wheat Penny$150
Wheat Penny1932 D Wheat Penny$150
Wheat Penny1928 Wheat Penny$135
Image Coin Worth

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Image Coin Worth
Wheat Penny1915 D Wheat Penny$130
Wheat Penny1911 Wheat Penny$115
Wheat Penny1938 S Wheat Penny$100
Wheat Penny1930 D Wheat Penny$95
Wheat Penny1933 Wheat Penny$90
Wheat Penny1919 Wheat Penny$85
Wheat Penny1926 Wheat Penny$80
Wheat Penny1930 Wheat Penny$80
Wheat Penny1934 D Wheat Penny$80
Wheat Penny1925 Wheat Penny$75
Wheat Penny1909 Wheat Penny$72
Wheat Penny1935 S Wheat Penny$68
Wheat Penny1934 Wheat Penny$65
Steel Wheat Penny1943 Steel Wheat Penny$65
Wheat Penny1927 Wheat Penny$60
Wheat Penny1936 Wheat Penny$50
Wheat Penny1939 S Wheat Penny$50
Wheat Penny1951 S Wheat Penny$50
VDB Wheat Penny1909 VDB Wheat Penny$45
Wheat Penny1938 D Wheat Penny$40
Wheat Penny1951 D Wheat Penny$40
Wheat Penny1940 S Wheat Penny$37
Wheat Penny1935 D Wheat Penny$35
Wheat Penny1939 D Wheat Penny$35
Wheat Penny1947 Wheat Penny$35
Wheat Penny1948 S Wheat Penny$35
Wheat Penny1951 Wheat Penny$35
Wheat Penny1953 D Wheat Penny$34
Wheat Penny1953 Wheat Penny$30
Wheat Penny1954 Wheat Penny$30
Wheat Penny1947 S Wheat Penny$28
Wheat Penny1948 D Wheat Penny$28
Wheat Penny1940 D Wheat Penny$27
Wheat Penny1942 S Wheat Penny$26
Wheat Penny1948 Wheat Penny$26
Wheat Penny1942 Wheat Penny$25
Steel Wheat Penny1943 S Steel Wheat Penny$25
Wheat Penny1946 Wheat Penny$25
Wheat Penny1946 D Wheat Penny$25
Wheat Penny1946 S Wheat Penny$25
Image Coin Worth

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