10 Most Valuable Peace Dollars

Valuable Peace Dollar

Here are the 10 most valuable Peace Dollars that were minted and released into common circulation. (updated: 2024). These are common non-error coins that you can find in antique shops and at estate sells everywhere.

This most valuable coin list is dynamic and is based upon the few thousand or so United States coins found in our ever growing database (updated: 2024).

As of now our database consists almost entirely of coins from 1880s-2024, as we wanted to focus mostly on coins that were readily accessible and possibly still in circulation. The purpose of this page is to assist coin hunters and collectors in their pursuit of valuable coins. This page will save you a bunch of time, it represents hundreds possibly thousands of hours of research and detailed coin analysis. There are some older gold coins in the mix however.

List of 10 Most Valuable Peace Dollars

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