1960 P Penny

Last updated: May, 19 2024

The 1960 P Lincoln Cent has both a large and small date. The small date in MS-66 condition and Red in color is currently selling for $22.00, while an average specimen with a middle of the road color like Red Brown is selling for $12.00. The small dates appear to be selling for more than the large dates as a general rule of thumb. This coin in poor condition can still be sold for 50 cents condition to collectors looking to finish up a collection.

1960 P Penny
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  • Key: Semi-Key Date
  • Year: 1960
  • Mint Mark: No mint mark
  • Type: Lincoln Penny
  • Price: 50 cents-$22.00+
  • Face Value: 0.01 USD
  • Produced: 586,405,000
  • Edge: Smooth

Notes: 1.6 million pennies were minted as proofs as part of the above number. The proof 1960 Lincoln Cents or pennies are valued at around $1.90 There were small and large date 1960 pennies issued and unlike the ones minted in Philadelphia these coins are worth the same no matter what the date size. There are large and small 1960 D pennies in the wild. The small date is the more expensive of the 2 coins and its worth somewhere between 4 and $8.35 each currently. Common error to look for with the 1960 D cent is the D over D usually listed as D/D.

1960 Penny Basic Facts

Minted at both the Denver (D), and Philadelphia (no mint mark).

1960 d - only small date is semi key

1960 is semi key date.

1960 1C

Small and Large Date mint marks are circulating, be sure to collect them all.

Production Numbers

  • 586 million - 1960 P Pennies
  • 1.58 billion - 1960 D Pennies

Copper Penny Color Guide

Copper Penny Color Guide

Are 1960 Pennies Copper?

Yes, Pennies minted in 1960 are indeed copper, with the mint making the big change to zinc mid year in 1982.

Are there any 1960 Penny Errors?

Yes there are a few to look out for and they are...

Penny Errors from 1960

  • 1960 Struck on 10c Planchet - Silver dime planchets from 1960 accidentally were struck with 1960 1c dies.
  • Broken Planchet - When a broken or partial planchet is struck this is what you get.
  • Small Date / Large Date - When the penny is restruck first by the large date, and lastly by the smaller year mint mark then this is the result.
  • 1960 Large / Small Date Error - This error is the same as the one above but in reverse order. First the small date is struck, then the large date. This one is a little harder to discern.
  • D/D Error - A very common error in general amongst coins.
  • Clipped Planchet - When the planchet has a segment clipped off and then makes its way through the mint marking procedure this is the result.


Production Chart

Price Chart

Rates listed here refer to professionally graded and slabbed coins. If new to collecting the prices below might not make sense.

Prices are for 1960 Large Date Lincoln Cents that are RD / Red in color.

  • Grade MS64 = $8-$13
  • Grade MS65 = $10-$16
  • Grade MS66 = $14-$23
  • Grade MS67 = $38-$63
  • Grade PR67 = $15-$25
  • Grade PR68 = $24-$40
  • Grade PR69 = $60-$100

Prices are for 1960 Small Date (SD) Lincoln Cents that are RD / Red in color. Small DATE (SD) is more valuable than the LD / Large Date.

  • Grade MS62 = $4-$6
  • Grade MS63 = $8-$13
  • Grade MS64 = $11-$19
  • Grade MS65 = $19-$31
  • Grade MS66 = $30-$50
  • Grade MS67 = $83-$138
  • Grade PR67 = $15-$25
  • Grade PR68 = $30-$50
  • Grade PR69 = $113-$188

Prices are for 1960 Small Date (SD) Lincoln Cents that are RB / Red Brown in color. Small DATE (SD) is more valuable than the LD / Large Date.

  • Grade MS63 = $4-$6
  • Grade MS64 = $9-$15
  • Grade MS65 = $14-$23
  • Grade MS66 = $24-$40
  • Grade MS67 = $60-$100
  • Grade PR67 = $11-$19
  • Grade PR68 = $24-$40
  • Grade PR69 = $83-$138

Prices are for 1960 Large Date Lincoln Cents that are RB / Red Brown in color.

  • Grade MS64 = $4-$6
  • Grade MS65 = $8-$13
  • Grade MS66 = $11-$19
  • Grade MS67 = $30-$50

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It's also important to note...Prices are subject to the same supply and demand laws as everything else. Coins sold at the same auction house 10x, would fetch drastically different bids each session. To raise your chances of receiving top dollar read How to Get the Most for your Coins.

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How much is a 1960 P Penny worth?

In Average Circulated (AC) condition it's worth around 50 cents, one in certified mint state (MS+) condition could bring as much as $22 at auction. This price does not reference any standard coin grading scale. So when we say Average Circulated, we mean in a similar condition to other coins circulated in 1960, and mint state meaning it is certified MS+ by one of the top coin grading companies. *** [?].

What are your coins really worth?

Use the handy-dandy calculator below to find the real value of any lincoln penny in your collection.

how much is your penny worth

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Specs & Design

This coin has a total mass of 2.5 g, a diameter of 19.05 mm, and a thickness of 1.52 mm. It's edge is Smooth, and the coins are composed of 95% Copper Pre 1982, 97.5% Zinc, 2.5% Copper after 1982.

Designer: Victor D. Brenner (obv), Lyndall Bass (rev)

Front (Obverse): The obverse or front of this coin contains the bust of President Lincoln the 16th president of the United States. The words In God We Trust are engraved in an arching manner on the top most portion of this coin. The date is present along with the mint mark. If the mark is missing the coin was issued from the Philadelphia mint. With the exception of 2017 P, the only year to contain a P mint mark to honor the 225th anniversary of the United States Mint.

Back (Reverse): The reverse of this coin has been described as Lincoln Memorial design. Nice clean lines on the steps and buildings are important for a decent grade. The Lincoln Memorial replaced the reverse after the last Wheat Cent was issued in 1958.

Most Valuable

The most valuable Lincoln Penny's. Prices listed are for MS-65 certified. Visit the link to learn more about each coin.

Image Year Mint Worth
Lincoln Penny 1982 $55
Lincoln Penny 1967 $50
Lincoln Penny 1975 $45
Lincoln Penny 1964 $38
Lincoln Penny 1959 D $35
Lincoln Penny 1962 D $32
Lincoln Penny 1969 $31
Lincoln Penny 1971 S $30
Lincoln Penny 1975 D $30
Lincoln Penny 1982 D $30
Lincoln Penny 2002 D $30
Lincoln Penny 1962 $29
Lincoln Penny 1961 $28
Lincoln Penny 1961 D $27
Lincoln Penny 2002 $27
Lincoln Penny 1959 $25
Lincoln Penny 1968 S $25
Lincoln Penny 2005 D $25
Lincoln Penny 1960 $22
Lincoln Penny 1960 D $22
Lincoln Penny 1971 $22
Lincoln Penny 1970 S $20
Lincoln Penny 1971 D $20
Lincoln Penny 1993 D $20
Lincoln Penny 1969 S $19
Lincoln Penny 1970 $19
Lincoln Penny 1970 D $19
Lincoln Penny 1969 D $18
Lincoln Penny 1968 D $16
Lincoln Penny 2006 $16
Lincoln Penny 2007 S $16
Lincoln Penny 1963 $15
Lincoln Penny 1963 D $15
Lincoln Penny 1965 $15
Lincoln Penny 1968 $15
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1989 P $345.22
1989 $345,000
1989 D $345
Image Name Mint Worth

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***Price subject to standard supply and demand laws, dealer premiums, and other market variations. Prices represent past values fetched at online auctions, estate sales, certified coins being sold by dealers, and user submitted values. While we wholeheartedly try to give honest price estimates there are many factors besides appearance, metal content, and rarity that help make up the coins overall value. Call or visit your local coin dealer for more information.