US Silver Coin Prices & Melt Values

Silver Coin

This app details exact silver coin prices down to the penny, these values are the result of taking the current spot price for silver and multiplying it by the silver content in the coin. US coins only sorry.

The term "melt value" does not imply the melting of the coin, it's a definition of the coins intrinsic value or worth.

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Being able to quickly access the silver melt value of a coin means that you could possibly pick up a few non MS (Mint State) coins for less than their spot value.

How to Use This Tool?

This tool is great for snatching up silver coins that you might find at antique and pawn shops. Those coins listed by their numismatic value, a value that is often less than their general intrinsic value. Precious metal / bullion markets move like a rabid butterfly... arcing in what appear to be random directions.