Silver Dollar Melt Value - How much is a silver dollar worth?

Silver dollars are 90% silver and have a melt value of $24.4735 this price is live and prices are updated every 15 minutes when the silver market is open. The current spot price of silver is $31.64 per troy ounce.

Q: How much is a 1922 silver dollar worth?

Q: What are silver dollars worth?

A: A silver dollar is worth at least $24.4735. Based on silver content alone the dollar is worth more than a dollar. In terms of collectability Silver Dollars far exceed their simple mlt values. With previous years worth even more. Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars are many times worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Read more

Q: How much is a 1922 silver dollar worth?

Silver dollars issued in 1922 are peace dollars. They have a current melt value of $31.64. 1922 Peace Dollars (No Mint Mark) are worth on average $50. 1922 D Peace Dollars are worth on average $180. 1922 S Peace Dollars are worth on average $150. So most peace dollars are worth around $45 to $100

Q: How much does a silver dollar weigh?

A: A Morgan Silver Dollar has a total mass of 26.73 g or 0.942 oz, a diameter of 1.5 in, and a thickness of 2.4 mm. This coin is 90% silver and it has a total silver weight of 7735 oz. Read more...

Q: Are Modern Dollar Coins Gold or Silver?

A: Modern Presidential, Sacagawea, Eisenhower Dollar, and Susan B Anthony dollars are for the most part neither gold nor silver. There were special silver and gold proofs that were available for purchase directly from the mint. Morgan and Peace Dollars issued before 1935 are 90% silver. Some silver 1 oz peace and morgan silver dollars were sold as well.

Q: Where can I buy or Sell Silver Dollars?

10 to 15 years ago it wasn\'t uncommon to be able to find piles of silver dollars at antique malls, and pawn shops for $18 to $22 each. These days are gone however. Back in the early to mid 2000's silver spot price was under $10, and more Silver Dollars were available to the public.

If you want to buy and sell silver dollars solely for their silver value check antique malls, coin shops, ebay, and even Apmex. Apmex is one of the quickest ways to sell, but it also has some of the highest premiums.

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