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Jefferson Nickels were minted between 1938 and 2003. While nickel varieties based on year and mint number well over 100, there are only a handful of these that professional collectors highly covet. These types of coins are often referred to as Key, Semi-Key, and Better dates. If you are into collecting or making a profit selling Jefferson Nickels specifically, these are the dates, and this is the list you need to either memorize or save for later.

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Image Year Mint Type
Jefferson Nickel1964 1964 Nickel
Jefferson Nickel1964D 1964 D Nickel
Jefferson Nickel1938 1938 Nickel
Jefferson Nickel1950D Jefferson Nickel
Jefferson Nickel1952D Jefferson Nickel
Jefferson Nickel1952S Jefferson Nickel
Jefferson Nickel1954D 1954 D Nickel
Jefferson Nickel1954S 1954 S Nickel
Jefferson Nickel1962D Jefferson Nickel
Jefferson Nickel1963D Jefferson Nickel
Jefferson Nickel1970D Jefferson Nickel
Jefferson Nickel1982P Jefferson Nickel
Jefferson Nickel2009D 2009 D Nickel
Jefferson Nickel2009P 2009 P Nickel
Image Year Mint Type

Filter by Key Dates, Semi Key, Better Dates

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Image Year Mint Type
Image Year Mint Type

Filter by Key Dates, Semi Key, Better Dates

What are key dates? - The premier dates that serious collectors seek out.

What are semi key dates? - A step down from the key dates. These are also sought after just not as heavily.

What are better dates? - Dates that make the coin just slightly more valuable in general, but not enough to make it a key date.

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