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Key Dates, Semi-Key Dates, and Better Dates

Q: What are the Most Popular U.S. coins minted in the last 100+ years called? A: They are called "Key Dates".

Key & Semi-Key dates are dates to remember when collecting coins with a purpose. Save yourself time and save this page link somewhere or share on your social media platform for later.

All Key Dates, Semi, and Better Dates Below

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Image Year Mint Type
Morgan Silver Dollar1881CC Morgan Silver Dollar
Morgan Silver Dollar1885CC Morgan Silver Dollar
Morgan Silver Dollar1887S Morgan Silver Dollar
Barber Half Dollar1892S Barber Half Dollar
Morgan Silver Dollar1892CC Morgan Silver Dollar
Barber Half Dollar1893S Barber Half Dollar
Barber Dime1900O Barber Dime
VDB Wheat Penny1909 1909 VDB Penny
Wheat Penny1909 Wheat Penny
Wheat Penny1911D Wheat Penny
Wheat Penny1912D Wheat Penny
Wheat Penny1913D Wheat Penny
Wheat Penny1917D Wheat Penny
Wheat Penny1917S Wheat Penny
Wheat Penny1918D Wheat Penny
Image Year Mint Type

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Image Year Mint Type
Wheat Penny1918S Wheat Penny
Wheat Penny1921 Wheat Penny
Wheat Penny1921S Wheat Penny
Wheat Penny1926D Wheat Penny
Wheat Penny1931D Wheat Penny
1934 Quarter1934 1934 Quarter
1935 Quarter1935 1935 Quarter
1936 S Quarter1936S 1936 S Quarter
1937 D Quarter1937D 1937 D Quarter
Wheat Penny1937D Wheat Penny
Wheat Penny1937S Wheat Penny
What Is A 1938 D Buffalo Nickel Worth?1938D What Is A 1938 D Buffalo Nickel Worth?
1938 Quarter1938 1938 Quarter
1938 S Quarter1938S 1938 S Quarter
Wheat Penny1942S Wheat Penny
Steel Wheat Penny1943S Steel Wheat Penny
Wheat Penny1946 Wheat Penny
1946 D Penny1946D 1946 D Penny
1946 S Penny1946S 1946 S Penny
Roosevelt Dime1949 Roosevelt Dime
Roosevelt Dime1949D Roosevelt Dime
1949 Quarter1949 1949 Quarter
Wheat Penny1949S Wheat Penny
1951 S Silver Dime1951S 1951 S Silver Dime
Jefferson Nickel1952S Jefferson Nickel
Roosevelt Dime1952 Roosevelt Dime
Washington Quarter1952D Washington Quarter
Washington Quarter1952S Washington Quarter
1952 S Penny1952S 1952 S Penny
1954 D Nickel1954D 1954 D Nickel
1954 S Nickel1954S 1954 S Nickel
Washington Quarter1955D Washington Quarter
Jefferson Nickel1962D Jefferson Nickel
Jefferson Nickel1963D Jefferson Nickel
Kennedy Half Dollar1967 Kennedy Half Dollar
Jefferson Nickel1970D Jefferson Nickel
Washington Quarter1971D Washington Quarter
Washington Quarter1971P Washington Quarter
Washington Quarter1971S Washington Quarter
Washington Quarter1974D Washington Quarter
Roosevelt Dime1980S Roosevelt Dime
Jefferson Nickel1982P Jefferson Nickel
Washington Quarter1982D Washington Quarter
Roosevelt Dime1983P Roosevelt Dime
Washington Quarter1985P Washington Quarter
Washington Quarter1988P Washington Quarter
1992 D Quarter1992D 1992 D Quarter
1992 P Quarter1992P 1992 P Quarter
1995 S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar1995S 1995 S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar
1995 Penny (No Mint Mark)1995 1995 Penny (No Mint Mark)
Washington Quarter1997D Washington Quarter
2009 D Nickel2009D 2009 D Nickel
2009 P Nickel2009P 2009 P Nickel
2012 S Puerto Rico Quarter (Non Proof)2012S 2012 S Puerto Rico Quarter (Non Proof)
2014 W 90% Silver Half Dollar2014W 2014 W 90% Silver Half Dollar
Image Year Mint Type

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What are key dates? - The premier dates that serious collectors seek out.

What are semi key dates? - A step down from the key dates. These are also sought after just not as heavily.

What are better dates? - Dates that make the coin just slightly more valuable in general, but not enough to make it a key date.

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