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In the United States over 70 billion pennies have been minted in the last decade alone. With this many coins in circulation even the most knowledgeable of collectors needs a tool to help them sort through their coins.

So which pennies are worth money? Use the table below to find out.

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Image Year Mint Worth
Lincoln Penny1967$55.00
Lincoln Penny1982$55.00
Lincoln Penny1964$38.00
Lincoln Penny1959D$35.00
Lincoln Penny1962D$32.00
Lincoln Penny1969$31.00
Lincoln Penny1971S$30.00
Lincoln Penny1975D$30.00
Lincoln Penny1982D$30.00
Lincoln Penny2002D$30.00
Lincoln Penny1962$29.00
Lincoln Penny1961$28.00
Lincoln Penny1961D$27.00
Lincoln Penny2002$27.00
Shield Penny2012S$25.00
Shield Penny2013S$25.00
Shield Penny2014S$25.00
Shield Penny2012D$25.00
Shield Penny2013D$25.00
Lincoln Penny1968S$25.00
Lincoln Penny1976S$25.00
Lincoln Penny2005D$25.00
Lincoln Penny1959$25.00
Lincoln Penny1975$25.00
Lincoln Penny1978D$23.00
Shield Penny2017S$22.00
Lincoln Penny1960D$22.00
Lincoln Penny1960$22.00
Lincoln Penny1971$22.00
Lincoln Penny1978$22.00
Shield Penny2010D$21.00
Shield Penny2015S$20.00
Shield Penny2012$20.00
Shield Penny2013$20.00
Lincoln Penny1970S$20.00
Lincoln Penny1995S$20.00
Lincoln Penny1971D$20.00
Lincoln Penny1993D$20.00
Lincoln Penny1995D$20.00
Lincoln Penny1995$20.00
Lincoln Penny1969S$19.00
Lincoln Penny1970D$19.00
Lincoln Penny1973D$19.00
Lincoln Penny1970$19.00
Shield Penny2016S$18.00
Lincoln Penny2001S$18.00
Lincoln Penny1969D$18.00
Lincoln Penny1977D$18.00
Lincoln Penny2001D$18.00
Lincoln Penny1977$18.00
Lincoln Penny2001$18.00
Lincoln Penny2007S$16.00
Lincoln Penny1968D$16.00
Lincoln Penny1976$16.00
Lincoln Penny2006$16.00
Shield Penny2019W$15.00
Shield Penny2011S$15.00
Shield Penny2018S$15.00
Shield Penny2020S$15.00
Shield Penny2021S$15.00
Shield Penny2022S$15.00
Shield Penny2023S$15.00
Shield Penny2011D$15.00
Shield Penny2014D$15.00
Shield Penny2010$15.00
Shield Penny2011$15.00
Shield Penny2014$15.00
Lincoln Penny1973S$15.00
Lincoln Penny1977S$15.00
Lincoln Penny1978S$15.00
Lincoln Penny1963D$15.00
Lincoln Penny1976D$15.00
Lincoln Penny1963$15.00
Lincoln Penny1965$15.00
Lincoln Penny1968$15.00
Lincoln Penny1973$15.00
Lincoln Penny1992$15.00
Lincoln Penny2005$15.00
Shield Penny2019S$14.00
Lincoln Penny1980$14.00
Shield Penny2009S$12.00
Shield Penny2009S$12.00
Lincoln Penny1964D$12.00
Lincoln Penny1966$12.00
Lincoln Penny1981$11.00
Shield Penny2010S$10.00
Lincoln Penny1974S$9.00
Lincoln Penny1974D$9.00
Lincoln Penny1980D$9.00
Lincoln Penny1974$9.00
Shield Penny2015D$8.00
Shield Penny2015$8.00
Lincoln Penny1972S$8.00
Lincoln Penny2004S$8.00
Lincoln Penny1972D$8.00
Lincoln Penny1979D$8.00
Lincoln Penny1981D$8.00
Lincoln Penny1972$8.00
Shield Penny2016D$7.50
Shield Penny2016$7.00
Image Year Mint Worth

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