2012 S Proof Chaco Culture Quarter (Silver)

CoinTrackers.com estimates the value of a 2012 S Chaco Culture Quarter Proof in average condition to be worth $6.00, while one in mint state could be valued around $13.00. - Last updated: June, 01 2023

2012 S Proof Chaco Culture Quarter (Silver)
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The 90% Silver Proof 2012 S Chaco Culture Quarter is part of the America The Beautiful Quarter quarter program. Chaco Culture National Historical Park is located in New Mexico and contains many ancient structures that were built between 900 AD and 1150 AD. These structures were built by the indigenous Pueblo Indians, and were aligned to the summer and winter solstice. Chaco Culture National Historical Park contains and protects more than 33 thousand acres, and many locations have been designated as World Heritage Sites.


The 2012 S Chaco Culture Quarter has been released in many forms, and from many mints. The P minted general circulation version is a non silver, and non proof version of the coin. There was also a D (Denver) minted circulation version, and a circulation issued S (San Francisco) minted coin. On top of these there were also special issued S Proof versions, S Silver Proof Versions, and a P 5 oz .999 pure silver bullion coin geared more towards precious metal enthusiasts.

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How much is a 2012 S Proof Chaco Culture Quarter (Silver) worth?

This section is more of a layman's guide, for those new to collecting.

In Average Circulated (AC) condition it's worth around $6.00, one in certified mint state (MS+) condition could bring as much as $13 at auction. This price does not reference any standard coin grading scale. So when we say Average Circulated, we mean in a similar condition to other coins circulated in 2012, and mint state meaning it is certified MS+ by one of the top coin grading companies. *** [?].

If you are a fan of coin roll hunting or just want to learn more about Chaco Culture Quarters then search or scroll below to find the most valuable and rarest in this series.

Most Valuable

The most valuable Chaco Culture Quarter's. Prices listed are for MS-65 certified. Visit the link to learn more about each coin.

Image Year Mint Worth
Chaco Culture Quarter 2012 P $300
Chaco Culture Quarter 2012 S $13
Chaco Culture Quarter 2012 S $8
Chaco Culture Quarter 2012 S $3.50
Chaco Culture Quarter 2012 P $2.50
Chaco Culture Quarter 2012 D $2.50
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1989 P $345.22
1989 $345,000
1989 D $345
Image Name Mint Worth

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Hardest to Find

The rarest and hardest to find Chaco Culture Quarter's Check out each link to learn more about each coin.

What is the rarest Chaco Culture Quarter?

Name Produced
2012 P 20,000
2012 S 608,000
2012 S 961,000
2012 S 1,409,000
2012 P 22,000,000
2012 D 22,000,000
Name Produced

Are 2012 S Proof Chaco Culture Quarter (Silver)s Silver?

Yes! Chaco Culture Quarter's produced in 2012 are 90% silver to be precise, and contain .1808 troy oz or 5.623 grams in total of .999 pure silver. Silver weight is measured in troy ounces. Troy ounces weigh about 2 grams more than the standard ounce. CoinTrackers has built a tool that will let you know if your coin is silver or not. The tool is called Is My Coin Silver?.

Coinage issued in 2012 will only contain silver if minted as a silver proof. Is your coin a silver proof or just a proof? Do they weigh more than other identical coins from the same year? If so they are likely 90% silver. 90% silver coins are much denser than the modern 90% copper 10% nickel blend the mint uses today.

Numismatic vs Intrinsic Value:

This coin in poor condition is still worth $1.72 more than the intrinsic value from silver content of $4.28, this coin is thus more valuable to a collector than to a silver bug. Coins worth more to a collectors may be a better long term investment. If the metal prices drop you will still have a coin that a numismatic would want to buy.

Want more info? Then read Coin Collecting Investment an article that details the benifits of coin collecting as a way to build wealth. Also learn how to properly store your coins.

Current silver melt value* for a 2012 D Chaco Culture Quarter is $4.28 and this price is based off the current silver spot price of $23.65 This value is dynamic so bookmark it and comeback for an up to the minute silver melt value.

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***Price subject to standard supply and demand laws, dealer premiums, and other market variations. Prices represent past values fetched at online auctions, estate sales, certified coins being sold by dealers, and user submitted values. While we wholeheartedly try to give honest price estimates there are many factors besides appearance, metal content, and rarity that help make up the coins overall value. Call or visit your local coin dealer for more information.

We use user submitted pictures please read that article if you are interested in adding your own.

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